Positive news

Does anyone else get depressed, listening to, reading or watching the mainstream news? Whether it’s your local newspaper and radio or national media, it always seems to be about doom, gloom, death and despair. I believe this constant message of negativity creates a negative and depressed frame of mind, a society of fear, and the perception that there is nothing ‘good’ happening. But the situation could be so different.

Some of you may already be familiar with the newspaper ‘Positive News‘, in which every single article or snippet is positive. They cover all the same issues as other media, but from a positive angle. For example, in Issue 67 (Spring 2011) they cover the Palestine /Israel conflict focusing on an organisation called Children of Peace which is doing wonderful things there. There was also a great article on transcendental meditation and its use in military forces including Mozambique and Ecuador. Apparently even the US Military are interested in it.  I didn’t quite understand the scientific explanation, and haven’t practised TM myself, but apparently the ‘Maharishi effect’ (named after Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who popularised it in the West in 1957) can mean that if 1% of a population is practising TM it will produce measurable improvements for the wider society in that area e.g. reduction in crime, violence, war etc. In the same issue there are also several articles on happiness, and on the health benefits of watercress.

What’s this got to do with yoga? Everything! We’re all connected, and all these ‘good stories’ add up – there are people out there making a difference. We can all make a difference in how we live our lives. I felt great after reading the paper, in a positive frame of mind. And we know from yoga that our thought waves affect everything we do. Power to the positivity!

(You can pick up a free copy of Positive News from some health shops and other similar venues, read stories online or subscribe to the newspaper. )

4 thoughts on “Positive news

  1. It’s nice to have positive things to read about for a change, I agree, thanks for flagging this up Alyson. I’ll eat some watercress tomorrow too…


  2. There was a time when the BBC always ended the news bulletins with an amusing story to cheer us up after the doom and gloom. It lasted about 2 years. I don’t know why they gave it up but it was a good reminder that there are cheerful things that are newsworthy.


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