Partner yoga

Me and my sister in Urdhva mukha upavistha konasana

Sometimes it is fun to mix things up a bit and doing yoga postures with a partner can be fun and instructive. A few years ago I attended a Japanese yoga day held in Borth led by a visiting Zen monk Daizen Roshi and we practised partner meditation and partner asana work. Some of the partner meditations were very challenging (eg staring into each other’s eyes whilst asking ‘who are you?’) and in both the meditation and the asana work you have to trust in the other person and be open to them.

Partner asana work can mean assisting one person in a position (a bit like being teacher) or both being in asanas. Both approaches are interesting and helpful. Being assisted can help you go further in a posture, whilst both doing a posture together, or variations thereof, can be fun and open up new opportunities.

Sometimes Karl and I do stretches together – here’s a clip of us doing ‘double downward facing dog’ outside one sunny spring morning – listen to those birds sing! (And can you see the difference in our postures? We each find different aspects of being the front or the back difficult).

If you’re interested in partner yoga you may want to check out AcroYoga which combines acrobatics and yoga in partner work. There’s some great pictures and video clips on their pages.

And finally, you must watch this stunning interpretation of Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) which I came across the other day – it’s a beautiful 5 mins. I doubt that me and my boyfriend will ever get to be anywhere near this level of skill, strength and grace but we can but dream!

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