Hare Krishnas come to Aberystwyth!

Image from purebhakti.com

The local Hare Krishna group have organised a special festival weekend with visiting guest Sripad B V Bon Maharaja. If you are in Aberystwyth on Saturday and want to find out more about bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion, which is the form of yoga practised by Hare Krishnas) you may want to look at the programme below. (Text from their email and poster.)

Saturday 2nd July

5.00pm Meeting in Aberystwyth at the Lidl car park for nagar sankirtan (congregational chanting of the holy names of Krishna) through the town and hopefully a small Ratha Yatra festival.

6.00pm -9pm Public programme at Merched y Wawr building, Vulcan Street, Aberystwyth, SY23 1JH

Featuring an introductory talk, chanting and dancing followed by a sumptuous vegetarian/vegan meal.

For more information contact Lalit:

Tel: Lalit Kishori dasi 07969 905 835 email: lalitkishoridasi@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Hare Krishnas come to Aberystwyth!

  1. Oh … I’m curious but … a bit worried about the seemingly religious (?) aspect of it …… well I can’t afford the time this weekend (or the next 4 weeks) anyway, I guess 😥


    1. Well, yes, they are a religion, but from my understanding, most Hare Krishna’s don’t say there is only one god and it’s their’s, as they believe that there is an all-pervading ‘entity’ (my word). I personally do not wish to become a HK, but I enjoy some of the chanting, I like understanding about bhakti yoga, and, they do very nice vegetarian and vegan food!


  2. Yes, I am for non-monotheistic ways of thinking, even though I myself am a Christian (but my paternal grandparents died as, well at least officially, Buddhists, so I might call myself half-Buddhist :P).
    I’d like to experience HK a bit, I think, but … grr, don’t think I can afford the time today :(( Anyway, first got to get started (am still in my pyjamas)!! Enjoy it if you are going (I thought you were going to the workshop today but will you be back by 5pm perhaps?).


    1. Hi Marie, don’t worry about today, the local HK group meets up in Aber about once a month, but tonight they have a visiting special person (not sure what they are called!). Yes, yoga workshop has finished in time for me to attend tonight. Alyson


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