Yoga and chronic pain

If you want a summary of how yoga asana, meditation and pranayama may be able to help with chronic pain, take a look at this blog post about it.

Pawly (!) paw

I’m fortunate in that I haven’t suffered from chronic pain, so it’s difficult to know if yoga can help particular conditions – have you suffered from chronic pain that has eased from yoga?

2 thoughts on “Yoga and chronic pain

  1. I suffer from chronic tendonitis in my feet which causes me daily pain and for which i have to do daily exercises. The exercises I’ve been given are devised for physiotherapy but I have been told that yoga would be of great benefit and probably the only long term solution. I haven’t yet managed to incorporate yoga into my daily routine but keep endeavoring to! I also have a friend with chronic back pain who has found daily yoga and swimming to be very beneficial.


    1. Hi Helena
      Sorry to hear about the tendonitis in the feet – yoga could be of help with some exercises for for feet, as well as the standing postures which would help strengthen the surrounding muscles and joints, as long as standing doesn’t cause you too much pain. It’s hard to add more to your daily life – I eventually decided the only way I would do it daily was to get up earlier as I wasn’t incorporating it later in the day/evening. Yoga can indeed be very good for helping with back conditions, although I don’t think yoga is a ‘cure all’, and sometimes, depending on the yoga approach and the person, yoga can aggravate a situation. Yoga as therapy has to be tailored to a person’s needs. Good luck with the healing in your feet.


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