Class outlines for dynamic class – the 7 week trial

I thought it would be nice to share the class themes for the seven week trial of my new dynamic holistic yoga class. I have blogged previously with the mantas here and here. I find having a theme for the asanas and possible connections with the other ‘stuff’ useful – certainly for the asanas I like to focus on one area to really try to access it and improve on it in one go.

Week 1
Philosophical focus: 8 limbs of yoga by Patanjali, first limb Yamas – ahimsa (non-violence)
Mantra: sa ta na (silently)
Asana focus: shoulders
Pranayama: visama vrtti (ratio breathing with retention)
Meditation: sa ta na ma

Week 2
Philosophical focus: Patanjali’s Yamas – satya (truth)
Mantra: so hum (internal)
Asana focus: chest openers and upper back releasers
Pranayama: viloma (staggered breathing)
Meditation: Yoni mudra/pratyahara (sense withdrawl)

Week 3
Philosophical focus: Patanjali’s Yamas – asteya (non-stealing)
Mantra: Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu
Asana focus: thighs and hamstrings
Pranayama: surya bhedana (sun piercing)
Meditation: breath awareness – counting to 5

Week 4
Philosophical focus: Patanjali’s Yamas – brahmacarya (chastity, self-restraint)
Mantra: Om namah shivaya
Asana focus: hips
Pranayama: bhramari (bee breath)
Meditation: colour

Week 5
Philosophical focus: Patanjali’s Yamas – aparigrahaha (free from possessions)
Mantra: Om
Asana focus: twists
Pranayama: kapalabhati (skull-shining)
Meditation: breath awareness (I am breathing in, I am breathing out)

Week 6
Philosophical focus: Compassion (Sutra 1.33)
Mantra: Om mani padme hum
Asana focus: balances
Pranayama: nadi sodhana (alternative nostril breathing)
Meditation: Compassionate contemplation (loving kindness)

Week 7
Philosophical focus: Intention
Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Asana focus: inversions/arm balances  – handstands
Pranayama: bhastrika (bellows breath)
Meditation: Visualisation

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