Adverts on these pages

I apologise if you see adverts on my blog pages. I have not paid to have them on here, and do not receive money from the companies if you click on the adverts. If I want them removing I have to pay an annual fee. I may consider doing this if you as readers feel that the adverts are an annoyance. If you are a WordPress user yourself, you won’t see them.


6 thoughts on “Adverts on these pages

    1. Hi Neil
      thanks for the feedback. Do you read the blog post in the email itself, or do you then click a link in the email and come onto the website? I guess if you just read the post in the email you won’t see the advert. Alyson


  1. Hi Alyson,
    I read the blog post in the email itself. Even when I am replying now, and I have been directed to the blog, the blog opens in a small window, not full screen so I still don’t see the advert (I did have a look, though; it looks like an exciting computer game).


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