Free home practice sheets

I know myself how difficult it can be sometimes to think of ‘what yoga to do’ at home. I had been attending classes for a while as a student before I felt confident enough to plan my own session (be it 10 minutes or 1 hour) at home. I also know that many people like to have handouts as reminders of what they’ve done in class, perhaps when it’s been on a particular theme. For both these reasons I’ve started creating short handouts or home practice sheets for yoga students. Some of them are on a particular topic (e.g. shoulders) whereas others are a suggested 5 or 15 minute session (again, often with a particular focus e.g. restorative).

Sharing by CC

I’ve finally got round to uploading these onto a shared space online, where anyone can view and download the documents. So far I’ve only uploaded ones that exist electronically. My first handouts (shoulders and wrists) were handwritten and feature rather poor drawings by myself so they will need to be updated. You can find the sheets I have done on Google Drive.

Any yoga teachers who view them are also free to download and edit for use with their own students. You could acknowledge me on your new sheets (which would be nice), but as I don’t believe yoga can be trademarked or copyrighted (see other post on Bikram for someone who does!), I am sharing them in the spirit of creative commons.

Ones uploaded include:

  • back care exercises
  • yoga at your desk
  • pregnancy yoga
  • post-natal yoga
  • 15 minute general routine
  • 5 minute rescue restorer

If anyone downloads them, uses them, and finds them beneficial, I’d love to know!

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