American study finds yoga helps back pain

Cat doing cat posture
The cat posture can be useful for lower back pain

Another study has found that yoga is helpful for those suffering from lower back pain. The blog post on Yoga Basics blog reported that an American study has found that the yoga group participants showed 80% reduced usage of pain medications and one-third less pain than those in the non-yoga group. The study, completed in 2009, has received more funding to conduct two additional studies. More findings from the first study and about the new projects can be found here.

If this is an area of interest for you, you may want to read about the UK research study which found that the specially designed yoga programme led to improvement for those suffering from chronic lower back pain, see my blog post here with links for further information. I also have a free handout with some simple exercies that might relieve some lower back pain.

2 thoughts on “American study finds yoga helps back pain

  1. Yoga is the real deal! Being an inversion guy, I love anything that helps stretch out the spaces between my vertebrae. Yoga does the trick. The ultimate trifecta for me is yoga, chiropractic, and inversion therapy — my back feels amazing!


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