Tea bag wisdom

Take time out with a cup of tea. Image CC from Clker.com

If you’ve ever bought or had a Yogi Tea fruit/herb tea, you’ll know that the string comes with a little piece of yogic wisdom (they call them ‘inspirations’) on the tag. I was given some nice Yogi Teas recently and have been enjoying the tea as well as the little pieces of advice. Here are two which I liked.

“Let only good thoughts be within you”

“Take time to contemplate and deliberate”

How do these relate to yoga? We could relate the first one to one of the yamas as described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Ahimsa is non-violence and it can be interpreted to mean non-violent (not hurting) in thoughts and words as well as deeds. Bad (hurtful) thoughts or words, either about yourself or others can create bad feelings, negativity, anger, hate etc. I believe that trying to cultivate a positive mental attitude can be helpful, for yourself and for others with whom you come into contact. It is very easy to have bad thoughts but if we strive to be nicer in our thoughts and deeds, it will be beneficial for everyone.

This links into the second ‘inspiration’. Instead of immediately reacting to something (an email, an event), and possibly reacting negatively or in an angry or upset manner, we could take the time to contemplate, think about the options, send a more measured and calmer email response, and thus (linking back to the first point), maybe remove the point-scoring or snide remarks that might have been in the immediate response. Contemplating things doesn’t just mean how we react to external events, but we should take time to consider all our actions, contemplate our future plans, contemplate situations and how we could change them for the better. Sometimes it easy to get caught up in the frenetic busy-busy-busy mode, but just pausing can be beneficial. Meditation is one of the keys way the yoga approach incorporates contemplation. We can meditate daily, even if it’s just for five minutes whilst we have a cup of tea!

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