Morning and evening energising and de-stressing routines

Stretching stick figure
Stretch and energise! Image CC by Cybergedeon on Open Clip Art

As part of Adult Learners’ Week last week, as I was asked to run some de-stress sessions in work. I created three short (15 minute) routines for the morning sessions, and two 15 minute evening sessions. I also taught a longer 30 minute lunch-time session. The morning sessions were designed to energise and stretch after a night of sleep, whilst the evening ones focus more on de-stressing, winding down and have a more restorative focus. As the sessions were held in work I focused on stretches that could be managed in office wear, and could be done by a small group of people in the very small room available. I also focused on things that are particularly good for, or needed by, desk-based office workers.

Because the idea was that people should be learning something I created handouts for the participants. These handouts are now also available on my Google Drive page. Feel free to download them and make use of them. There are other routines of mine on the site such as back care and pregnancy yoga that you might find helpful.

2 thoughts on “Morning and evening energising and de-stressing routines

  1. I think such routines should be introduced into every workplace. Staff could then attend on a voluntary basis and perhaps donate to a cause as you do in yoga class.


    1. HI Bethan, thanks for your comment. Yes, work-based stretch & de-stress sessions would be good for many workplaces. There are some organisations that offer this sort of thing, but not many! I offer two lunch time sessions a week in my workplace, for free. They’re only 15minutes long but it’s amazing the difference people feel after just 15 minutes.


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