Meditation mantra for letting go of stress

Image of dragon head
Do you need to let off steam? Try this mantra meditation. Image CC from OpenClipArtLibrary.

Another ‘mantra of the month’. I use the following mantra as a form of mindfulness, meditation, or just plain old de-stressing. I sometimes use it at the end of my brief 15 minute de-stress lunchtime sessions which I teach where I work, as well as at the end of some of my yoga classes, sometimes after the pranayama technique prior to relaxation in sivasana. It can also be used whilst lying in sivasana. It’s very simple, which is one of its benefits.

“Inhaling, I am breathing in. Exhaling, I am letting go.”

You repeat this to yourself, silently. The process of telling yourself you are letting go (of anything – stress, anger, tension etc) reinforces the actual letting go on the exhale.

You can do this for 5 breaths, 10, 15, 20, 50 – how ever many you need! If you are really stressed in work you can even just go to the toilet cubicle, lock yourself in for a minute and do 5 of these breaths with the mantra and hopefully will walk out a bit calmer and less stressed.

Good luck!

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