De-stress exercises handout

Do you need to de-stress? Are you looking for some simple exercises that will only take a few minutes and can be done discreetly in work, or can be practised for longer at home? If yes, you might want to look at my de-stress handout.

I made this handout to go with a practical session I gave in work to a group of colleagues as a guest slot in the ‘Mind Matters’ gathering. I focus on two breathing techniques which are useful for helping establish more relaxing breathing habits and two mindfulness techniques that can be used for improving concentration and as an introduction to meditation.

I hope you enjoy the handout! It can be viewed and downloaded from my page on (When on the minus website, click on the little button/icon in the top right which looks like an arrow pointing down into a U shape, to view or download the document for free.)

It’s important to be able to relax to help counter the stress-cycle of fight-or-flight response. I’ve been reading two books on this recently and will do a longer blog post about them shortly.

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