Every moment is an opportunity

Image of glass and wooden beads on string
Every moment can be seen as a new opportunity. Life is made up of all these moments.

During his afternoon talk at the BWY Wales annual gathering (30th Sept 2012), Viktor Van Der Kliej said “every moment is an opportunity” – for growth, for change etc. I think this is a useful little motto to remember.

When we’re stuck in a rut, or if we’re reacting badly to something / someone/ a task we’re meant to be doing, we can take the next moment to change. We have the opportunity to change our reactions, to respond differently, to grow.

Viktor also said we need to be more aware of our patterns and habits in order to change ones that are not beneficial to us.


One thought on “Every moment is an opportunity

  1. This sounds like the practice of mindfulness, something we could all learn from. While at Oxford earlier this week I saw a poster advertising a Student Mindfulness Group. I wonder how many took advantage of THIS opportunity.


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