Vinyasa sequence challenge

Vinyasa Yoga Sequence
(c) Tribesports

If you’re looking for a vinyasa yoga sequence challenge to test yourself, you might want to look at this one created by Hui for the Tribesports website. It contains some advanced postures so I would not recommend it for people who are new to yoga, prefer a gentle practice or who have limited flexibility. It is on a sports site and is aimed at relatively fit people, so either give this a miss, or proceed with caution! You should also mobilise the joints before you begin this sequence (ie warm up).

You can read about Hui who created it on her blog, and she admits it more of a hatha sequence as it’s not very flow-like, and she also suggests some warm ups and cool downs for before and after trying it.

If you are into sports, fitness and challenges you could wander round the Tribesports site and look at other challenges. I found one that I can do at home despite a plaster cast on one foot, focusing mainly on abdominals and core strength.

If you’re really into challenges you can join the website and take the challenges and report on your progress!

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