Why do I practise yoga?

Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons, and stays for different reasons. I was asked to write a guest blog post for a local blogger on their blog Epilepsy, me and neurology on why I practise yoga.

As this is a topic I haven’t really discussed on my own blog yet I thought it would be good to link to the post so you can all read it, and also invite comments here – why do you practise yoga? Is it for physical reasons such as flexibility, or for health issues, or for the effects on the whole mind and body? Or other reasons?

Yoga has many benefits and you can practise yoga for a specific reason, but find that actually it benefits you in other ways as well, and then it has you hooked!

Here’s to another year of yoga!


4 thoughts on “Why do I practise yoga?

  1. I am a huge advocate of the holistic approach and prefer a system of exercise which unites mind, body and spirit as yoga does. It has helped me get in touch with a core stability/calm space I never knew I had and beats a gym workout (as far as I’m concerned) for toning and strengthening the body. I’ve also found a shared energy within the class – after all, we’re all there for roughly the same reasons I guess. Alyson, I like the way you combine different aspects of yoga via asanas, breathwork, chanting, music and spiritual readings and give us something to take away with us; this is as it should be – a way of life, not just a weekly event which has no bearing on the rest of our lives. I hope more people become aware of yoga and maybe join us in 2013.


    1. Thank you for your lovely feedback Bethan. And it’s also interesting to get an insight into why people practise. There is something special about the combined benefits of a yoga class.


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