Transforming your life through yoga – especially for men or tough guys

I came across this video recently of a disabled American war veteran Arthur Boorman who was determined not to give up on his life despite being told he’d never walk again. One yoga teacher shared his belief and together they turned his life around. Worth a watch to feel inspired.

I decided to look into the yoga guy who features in the video who helped Arthur – Diamond Dallas Page. He’s been a wrestler (that’s his stage name) and credits his own health to yoga following disc damage. He specialises in his DDP yoga ‘for regular guys’ – men who think they’re too tough for yoga. Listen to him give a short interview here – as he says “it ain’t your mama’s yoga”.

His “DDP Yoga is not traditional yoga, it’s a hybrid workout that incorporates some traditional yoga movements and adds dynamic resistance, active breathing techniques and power movements to make for a more challenging and results oriented workout.”

If this sounds like the sort of thing you’d like to try, or you know a bloke who should be introduced to yoga, there are a range of short videos on his website – it’s about as far removed from chakra chanting as I can imagine!

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