Aberystwyth yoga classes for backs

Outline of human sitting upright
Image CC by Anonymous on Open Clip Art Library

Some time ago I blogged about the UK research project that found that a specific tailored yoga course was as beneficial, if not more so, in helping people with back pain and problems than conventional treatment.

Since then, the teachers who designed and carried out the research have gone on to write a handbook and run a programme of teacher training courses to help spread the benefits of yoga for back trouble and have also set up a website with more information. A few yoga teachers in the Aberystwyth area are taking the course and have set up specific yoga classes for people with back problems.

If you’re interested in joining these classes contact Lesley Wheatley or Sue Jones Davies for their current yoga for back classes. Contact details for them can be found on the Yoga i Bawb website.

If you can’t make their classes, most yoga classes will be suitable for you if you have back trouble, but always inform the teacher in advance so that they can make modifications for you. Details of general yoga classes in Aberystwyth can be found here – you can practice from Monday to Saturday in the area!

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