Free 21 mantra meditation journey

Orange square with text 21 mantra meditation journeyAre you interested in meditation or mantra? Do you not know where to start with mantra meditation? Then you may want to sign up to a free 21 day online mantra meditation journey with world leaders in mantra meditation Deva Premal and Miten.

From 23rd April 2013 they’re running a free online 21 day mantra meditation journey. Here’s what they say about mantra meditation:

“Chanting mantras with our concert audiences has been our joy for many years, and we’re very happy to have this special opportunity to share the transformational power of a daily mantra meditation practice with you:

  • Chanting charges and revitalizes us – on a physical, cellular level. As we chant, the throat opens and we begin to breathe more deeply, activating a healing wave of prana (life energy).
  • Chanting also creates changes in our energy bodies. For example, as our voices open, we experience enhanced expression, communicating our deepest intentions with simple clarity and power.
  • The repetition of the mantras 108 times takes us beyond our usual boundaries. We begin to lose our sense of time and ego – a feeling of ecstasy arises as the heart opens.
  • The mind stills naturally and we arrive at a deep state of inner relaxation and peace.

Mantras are medicinal sound formulas, created thousands of years ago by the rishis (the wise ones of ancient India) who understood the power of sound as a pathway to enlightenment.

We will share a new mantra every day, explaining the meaning, chanting together, and meditating on the mantra’s essential energetic quality. A program of 21 days provides the possibility for real and lasting change to occur, in body, mind and spirit.

There is no charge for the program.”

I have a couple of their CDs and used their version of the Gayatri Mantra to calm me before a very important interview. I have just signed up for this online programme – I’ll maybe blog about it during or after it. Interestingly, I read recently that 21 days can be enough to establish a habit, so maybe by doing this for 21 days I’ll set up a new habit. On their Facebook page it says over 10,000 people from 100 countries have signed up – with compassion being one benefit of meditation that’s going to be a positive force in the world!

2 thoughts on “Free 21 mantra meditation journey

  1. Hey!

    Mantra meditation seems powerful. I have a hard time concentrating on personally specific changes I want to bring into my life while meditating. I tend to think overmuch about the big picture and then end up forgetting what I meant to focus on. I think that mantra meditation would help me focus on this issue. Is it possible to find this 21 day mantra thing in an audiofile. I missed the course they offered by a about 500 days. Also I enjoy your blog and learning seeing how you incorporate a physical mindfulness practice with a blog platform.

    Thanks for the inspiration!



    1. Hi, they may run it again, or were selling all the files as a package. There are somr free mantra meditation tracks elsewhere on the Internet though, if you want one-off inspiration. Thanks for commenting. Alyson

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