Simple movement to help with lower back pain

Sometimes if I’ve been sitting a lot in work for days or weeks on end, or been on long train journeys, I find there can be some tightness or pain in my lower back. For me, the best thing I have found to alleviate this is ‘knee walking’. If I do this for a few minutes morning and night for a couple of days the pain goes.

So, if you’ve been sitting a lot over the summer on long train or car journeys, or have been missing your regular yoga practice for one reason or another and found the lower back stiffening, this knee walking movement may work for you.

Knee walking

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Have your feet about 10 to 15cm away from you, hip width apart. Keeping your feet firmly fixed on the floor, push one knee forwards and away from you. The other knee will come towards you a bit. You only need to move the knee forwards a couple of centimetres or so. Then alternate so the other knee moves forward. Repeat this ‘walking’ movement 20 or so times. The knees should be moving forward/backwards in parallel lines, not sideways / outwards.

If you like this or want to look up some other movements that can help relieve a sore back, my back care handout is available to download in Google Drive.

(And of course, if you have long term back pain or problems, the above does not constitute medical advice!)

And if you do have longer term back pain, there are yoga teachers in Aberystwyth who offer a special ‘yoga for backs’ class. Contact Lesley or Sue from Yoga i Bawb in the first instance to see when their courses are running.

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