Lovely videos of some good yoga poses for athletes

Film reel
Image CC by nicubunu on OpenClipArt

If you, or someone you know, is a keen, or even less than keen (!), athlete, there are some useful yoga poses that can help with strengthening, improving flexibility and stretching muscles after a long cycle ride, run, swim or other similar exercise.

Local (to me) yoga teacher Polly Clark has recently completed a series of videos of yoga poses for Total Women’s Cycling. Even if you’re not a cyclist, or a woman, the videos are really nicely presented, with very clear verbal instructions from Polly. There is also written information on the benefits of each pose and written instructions of how to do them. So if you’ve ever wondered how to do certain poses, check them out!

The individual poses are:

Polly also runs mountain biking (or walking) and yoga weekends in Wales, which I can personally recommend.

The next post on here will be a short video of me doing some shoulder stretches. The filming quality is not half as good as these ones though!

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