Simple shoulder stretches in my video

Woman sitting on a large ball
Click picture for link to my video in YouTube

Recently several friends and colleagues not living near me have said they would love to do some stretches at work to help with stiff shoulders, sore backs and generally feeling stressed and tense, and they suggested I could make a short audio podcast or video they could use.

So, here is the first one! This is a five minute session with three shoulder stretches, all of which can be done either sitting at your desk or standing up. You can do them in work or at home. I hope you enjoy the video and let me know if you try it and find it useful.

I had such fun making it I’ll probably do some more. What kind of things would be useful? Let me know.

NB My voice is a bit quiet in the video so turn your speakers up. I’ll remember to increase the volume when editing next time. And thanks to a particular person for all the technical help!


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