Back care exercises video

Well, here’s the much awaited [by whom?] next video for all you people stuck at desks all day!

In this 5 minute video I take you through three simple seated spine stretches that you can do sitting at your desk, or sitting on the floor. If you keep the spine mobile and working in all four directions of its natural movement (forward, backwards, side bend and rotation) you are on the way to having a healthy spine.

Here’s the video:

You’ll notice the cat got the best meditation cushion before I had a chance to sit down…

2 thoughts on “Back care exercises video

  1. thankyou I found it well on my e mail in bed doing my homework . it worked for me too some extra pillows behind me but the stretch was wonderful after a 7 hr drive to Portsmouth. I have had problems and if it hadn’t if been for you yoga classes I would have been in a wheelchair by now. practicing at home yoga has never been my strong point by to have that short start and so easily accessable is great thankyou again happy Christmas. I find your yoga classes easy and relaxing and encouraging thank you see you in the new year. Nadolig Clawyn


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