Looking for ideas for a yoga book?

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Some of you may be looking for your first yoga book. Others may be interested in finding out more about certain aspects of yoga and want to add to your yoga book collection. There’s also the small matter of the festive season in a month with its gift-giving element.

So, if you’re looking for yoga books you may want to check out the blog post on Elephant Journal which recommends seven classic yoga titles. (Note that the links to the seven books go to the US version of Amazon. You may need to look for them in a different version, or better still, read reviews of them on there but go and order them from your local independent bookshop, or library if you want to borrow them. Or read the Ethical Consumers’ guide to buying books without using Amazon.)

You could also browse yoga websites with book collections such as Yogamatters, which has far more books than anyone can possibly have read on this topic! If you’re baffled by the choice on there I suggest start by looking at ‘The Big Yoga Read‘ collection which has eight classic titles, then 36 other titles voted for by yogi people to create the favourite list. You can view them all online, as well as download and save a document with the details of the Big Yoga Read books. Note that this list was created in 2010 and there may have been new favourites written since then.

What would I recommend? Well, it depends entirely on what you like, what you want and many other factors! The two yoga books which I’ve finished most recently are Peter Blackaby’s Intelligent Yoga, and the Tibetan Book of Yoga. I will do reviews of them sometime as I really enjoyed them both, but I’m still digesting them and seeing how I might apply their approaches in my own practice and teachings.

My very first yoga book was bought with a school prize when I left secondary school and was ‘The book of yoga‘ by Lucy Lidell which is in the Sivananda tradition (and I think they have brought out a newer version – the link takes you to the British Library catalogue. Click the ‘Details’ tab on there for more info about it and a link to Amazon.uk). I still have this book and enjoy reading sections of if and looking at the pictures.

Do you have any favourite yoga books you would recommend, to whom and why?

Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “Looking for ideas for a yoga book?

  1. My first yoga book, the one that got me into a lifelong practice, is Richard Hittleman’s Yoga 28 day exercise plan. Very good pictures and descriptions of postures with some philosophy for each day. A little outdated now, mine is the 1978 reprint.


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