Music, mantra and meditation, plus daffodils

Image CC from Flickr by Chris Coomber

I’m becoming increasingly interested in sound vibrations and how music, mantra and sound interrelate with yoga, and the associated benefits. I therefore enjoyed a local yoga event entitled ‘Music, Mantra and Meditation – the way of Nada Yoga’ with Rajesh David and Upasana.

I have met both these lovely people before at yoga events. I find Upasana’s movement, breathing and yoga nidra work very restorative. We explored harmony in the body, thinking about Rajesh’s statements that “sound has form … everything is music … everything is harmony”, and trying to move and breathe in harmony with the body.

With Rajesh we explored nada (sound) through chakra mantra, the ‘seed’ bija mantra and through Indian music scales. There was also a meditation using the bija yam mantra and the heart chakra.

We had time at the end for questions and there was a request for Rajesh’s version of ‘Daffodils’ – Wordsworth’s poem which he has set to music. As it was St David’s Day, and we were in Wales, and there were a few daffodils out, it seemed very appropriate. You can listen to Rajesh singing a version of this on YouTube. On the day he sang accompanied by his hand-pump harmonium.

Later that weekend I came across a wonderful YouTube video of the effects of the Gaytri Mantra (sung by Deva Premal & Miten) on water. This is moving into the world of cymatics (the study of visible sound and vibration) and the text with the video quotes Evan Grant noting that “Sound does have form and we have seen that it can affect matter and cause form within matter.”

The relevance of this is what we say, music we listen to, mantras we chant etc, can all affect our molecules, our body, in positive or negative ways. Going beyond this, we have Dr Emoto’s work which shows how positive or negative thoughts can affect water molecules. Remember, we’re about 70% water… Let’s get some positive vibes playing!

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