Interested in yoga teacher training?

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After practising yoga for a few years, some people may develop an interest in becoming a yoga teacher themselves, or they may want to deepen their understanding of yoga by taking a foundation course in yoga, with no requirement to teach.

It can be bewildering to know where to start when considering a yoga course: part time or intensive over a month? What teacher/style/organisation to study with? Where? ‘Straight’ yoga or with a special focus e.g. for children?

Well, you’re in luck as today I came across a special issue (“the essential guide”) of OM Yoga & Lifestyle magazine (UK yoga magazine) which is all about yoga teacher training, and you can read it for free online on their website. As well as featuring articles on all the things to consider when choosing a course, what to expect from a yoga teacher training course etc, it also has adverts from a range of yoga teacher training providers. (Other course providers also exist in the UK, not just the ones advertised in the magazine!)

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Interested in yoga teacher training?

    1. Good luck with finding a course if you take it up – there are a lot of courses out there so it’s worth deciding what’s important to you eg close to where the course is, how long it takes, reputation of teachers/organisation, style etc. So much to consider!


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