Sri BKS Iyengar dies aged 95

Today, 20th August 2014, the legendary BKS Iyengar died in India, aged 96. Some early tributes announcing his death can be read on Yoga Journal, Hindustan Times, Yogi Times, the BKS Iyengar Yoga website and some tributes and embedded videos on Elephant Journal website.

Even if you’ve never been to an Iyengar class, even if you’ve never experienced an Iyengar-qualified teacher, even if you’ve never read one of his many books, if you practice yoga today or have practised yoga in the last 50+ years, you will have experienced some of his influence.

I will write a longer piece when I’ve had time to reflect on his influence.


4 thoughts on “Sri BKS Iyengar dies aged 95

  1. Thank you for this sensitive posting Aly – and I appreciated the links to the other websites. “Live happily and die majestically” – an inspirational yogi indeed !


  2. I also appreciate your wisdom to allow time for reflection and the posts you suggested. Iyengar was a force for good and influenced soooo many people who are now doing good in the world.


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