International peace day – take a moment

Blue dove carrying olive branchDo you have a minute on September 21st 2014 to think about peace? That day is the United Nations’ International Day of Peace and millions of people world wide will pause for a minute’s silence at noon as part of the special day. You can read a Positive News article about it here. The minute of silence for peace has been happening every year since 1982.

This year the theme is devoted to the Right of Peoples to Peace. There are many wars going on across the world right now, as well as local/individual acts of violence against humans and all other living creatures. But everyone has the right to live in peace.

You can pause in your day to reflect or meditate on peace, what it means to you, or think about peace in an international setting, or do something at another time during the day if it’s more convenient, or take part on social media on the special Facebook page or on Twitter (follow @PeaceDay or tweet using #PeaceDay). There are also local, national and international events being organised.

And the events are not all in silence. This year, the international issue of climate change has inspired people to organise the People’s Climate March & Mobilisation which is happening across the world, and people will be marching on this day to draw attention to the vital issue of climate change. The main event is in New York City (prior to a big summit on climate change happening there the next week), but there are around 900 other events taking place around the world, including one in London, UK.

(For linguists, look at all the words for peace in 100s of languages!)

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