Seated shoulder stretches video

Here’s one I made earlier – a year ago to be exact! I recorded the video this time last year and it’s taken me this long to get round to editing it and uploading! Anyway, if you want to do some simple shoulder stretches whilst sitting down, this short video (about 6 mins) has 3 different stretches for you. They can be done sitting or standing, but I did them sitting to show that if you sit at a desk all day you can do these at your computer. (Although getting up and moving away from the computer is important too!)

As with my other videos, I’ve put it on my resources page as well as on YouTube. Let me know if any of the stretches help you and you shoulders!

2 thoughts on “Seated shoulder stretches video

  1. Thank you!
    I was slightly spooked by this as I do the first two stretches a lot, use some of the same turns of phrase when teaching them, and even look rather like you in build/way I sit. Not to mention having a cat that takes over my yoga equipment any time I let him near it 🙂
    Will try the third stretch now….


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