10 mantras: videos and lyrics

Tibetan singing bowls optional. Image from Pixabay.
Tibetan singing bowls optional. Image from Pixabay.

Some time ago I came across a blog post called Top 10 little mantras with videos and links and thought it might be a useful resource for people who like to experiment with different mantras as part of their yoga practice or as meditation.

The original post is a few years old now, but all but one of the mantra videos still work. There were quite a few I’d never heard before, and some of the ones I did know were sung to different tunes. The videos all have lyrics so you don’t have to try to memorise long or complicated Sanskrit! (Having said that there are also some that are only two or three words long, easy to remember.)

If you are new to mantras or want to know why people do them, I wrote a little bit about this in an earlier blog post.

Happy chanting!

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