Yoga things that help if you’ve been travelling

Train track surrounded by trees
Do you know where your headed? (Image free from Pixabay)

I recently had three days of travelling and being in conferences and meetings for my other work. As well as missing my regular exercise programme, the prolonged sitting combined with carrying my (relatively light) luggage meant that stiffness and strains were liable to appear. To avoid suffering I made sure that I did some basic stretches in my hotel rooms each evening and morning.

If you’re looking for ideas of some stretches and other things that you could do if you are in a similar situation, including possibly in a confined space, you might like to pick and choose from the list below:

  1. Cat/cow (spine mobiliser)
  2. Cat position, leg lengthener: knee in then extending leg out (for hips and legs)
  3. Downward facing dog (for lengthening out spine and legs)
  4. Standing side bends (for spine)
  5. Seated twist (for spine)
  6. Shoulder shrugs and arm circles
  7. Neck stretches – side to side; chin forward then in
  8. Cobra or sphinx (for back extension to counter ‘seated slump’)
  9. Bridge (for spine, legs and shoulders)
  10. Supine sacrum circles (for lower back)
  11. Supine ‘knee walking’ and foot press (for lower back)
  12. Breathing practice – Golden breath to extend the exhale (for letting go of stress)

If you are unfamiliar with some of these, you’ll find descriptions of most of them on some of my handouts e.g. the 15 or 30 minute routines, and the morning or evening routines. Happy travelling!

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