Yoga to help you sleep

Cat in a Father Christmas hat

Several people have said to me that the only night they get a good night’s sleep is when they’ve been to my yoga class. This includes someone who came to my 15 minute lunchtime de-stress sessions, not even a full-length class!

Cat asleep in dressing table drawer
Cats can sleep anywhere, humans tend to have more problems. Image (c) my own.

So what is it about yoga which can help improve your sleep patterns? A key factor is the breathing, and in particular, the extended exhalation, which helps trigger the relaxation response in the body. Some quietening yoga postures are also good for preparing the body for sleep.

Because I’ve been asked by a few people, and I know many more people suffer from stress which then causes sleep problems, I’ve produced a free handout with a number of different techniques and tips which you can do before going to bed, and to help if you wake in the night and struggle to get back to sleep.

The handout is listed on the resources page and is available in Google Drive.

The irony is that I finished a first draft of the handout one evening, and woke up during the night and then couldn’t get back to sleep for ages and had to resort to the ‘if all else fails’ option!

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