Mindfulness and meditation audio tracks

Model of owl sitting with laptop and headphones

It seems that almost every week another study is published which shows that meditation and mindfulness are helpful to us for a number of reasons e.g. research showing that meditation can slow aging, or that mindfulness is being taken up by various groups e.g. some schools in Wales. As a result, many people know about meditation and mindfulness, but may not know where to start.

Model of owl sitting with laptop and headphones
Image CC0 from Pixabay

Two good sources of quality, free audio tracks for guided meditation and mindfulness are the MBSR website and the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) Soundcloud podcasts.

On the MBSR website there are 18 different tracks you can listen to either online or download, including practices such a body scan, mindfulness of breathing, mindful movement and mindfulness of sounds.

The MHF Soundcloud podcasts can be sorted into two playlists: two tracks just on mindfulness, and 14 tracks on wellbeing. They also cover a range of topics including sleep and stress and vary in length. Again you can either download (if registered) or listen to them online.

You might also want to listen to a 30 minute BBC radio programme ‘Mindfulness: panacea or fad?‘ which was orginally broadcast in 2015 but which is still available via their website.

Time to sit back and put your headphones on!

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