Twists and fishes

Yoga pose
Yoga pose
Me in Bharadvajasana (C) Alyson Tyler

Last week in the intermediate class we focused on twists: lying, sitting, kneeling and standing. I don’t know why, but I love twists; I just find them very enjoyable. The benefits of twists are outlined in this brief article and include digestive and spinal benefits.

If you want to look up some twists there’s various ones shown on this Yoga Basics page, and a short sequence with instructions on this Huffington Post article.

For a longer sequence with more twists check out this twist sequence by Alexandria Crow on the Yoga Journal website, which has a nice variety of twists and is suitable for intermediate students.

There is an informative article on the benefits and different types of twists on the Ekhart yoga website which discusses some of the health claims for twists such as detoxing and ‘wringing out’ our abdominal organs and whether they’re accurate or not. If you’re interested in this you could also read these brief myth buster responses on the anatomy of twists.

Yoga pose
Me in Ardha Matsyendrasana (C) Alyson Tyler


Finally, if you like stories and legends, you could read this article which has a legend behind the Lord of the Fish pose (Ardha Matsyendrasa) – it contains the history of humans, a great flood, and the sharing of the knowledge of yoga!

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