Quick yoga computer games

Screenshot from the game

Some people like yoga, some people like computer games, and some people like both! If you like yoga but not computer games (me), here are two very quick little computer games which you can play and have a giggle. They have been created by the same developer, who wrote one of them in a time-limited competition. It’s called ‘wobble yoga‘ and is fun and quick to play. You have to press letters on the keyboard to make the arms and legs move in order to match the shape being displayed. I managed some amazingly complicated contortions in trying to make the shapes!

Screenshot from the game
Yogic flying

The second game you have to compete against a timer and again press letters on the keyboard to match the shape being displayed by the yoga teacher. If you aren’t very good at this you keep having to rest in child’s pose to regain energy! This happened to me, a lot! (For this one you need Unity web player software for the 3D elements which is free and quick to install and the game’s page links to it.)

Although they don’t have the correct asana names for the shapes you are making, they’re a fun way to either introduce people to computer games or to yoga. Enjoy!

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