Light-hearted yoga for the new year

Person doing yoga poses holding a book

The new year is often a time of renewed intentions to ‘do this’ or ‘not do that’ etc. It can be quite serious, and with grey gloomy weather and no more sparkly lights, I thought I’d start 2017 off in a more light-hearted manner after seeing two funny graphics online. I hope they lighten your day too.

Person doing yoga poses holding a book
Yoga for Book Lovers infographic created by eyewash for Quirk Books

I saw this on the National Library of Scotland’s Facebook feed (thanks to a friend sharing it) and they’d shared it from Quirk Books. It combines two of my favourite things, books and yoga. If they’d also been eating chocolate that would have been perfect! Quirk Books publish quirky books – you may have heard of Pride and Prejudice with Zombies.

The other image is from Yoga Love’s Facebook page and may chime with people who have just started yoga for the first time, or who had this experience when they started. I firmly believe it doesn’t matter ultimately what shape you make when doing a posture such as a forward fold, it’s about the movement and the journey for you and your body as you do that, how you experience it. We are an image obsessed culture though and can take yoga too seriously – just have fun with what you can do!

Drawings of yoga teacher and student doing poses
First Class by Yoga Love

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