Thai massage for well-being

Two people receiving a Thai massage

I recently took advantage of a special offer for a Thai massage by a local therapist who is trained in Wat Po Traditional Thai massage approach from the Wat Po Temple in Bangkok, Thailand. A traditional Thai massage uses no oils or lotions so the recipient remains fully clothed and lies or sits on a padded mat. The therapist then uses medium to firm pressure to press on various parts of the body on specific energy lines in the body and moves the recipients limbs around. The benefits include improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, improved energy, improved joint mobility and relief of pain.

It certainly worked a treat on my shoulders and I slept well that night. My interpretation of the treatment is that it combines elements of shiatsu, acupressure, meridian theory, and yoga, and in fact its history stems from Indian, Southeast Asian and Chinese traditional medicine and other healing traditions.

If you want to try a traditional Thai massage or a Thai yoga massage (which I’ve also had a few times), I can recommend two therapists in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion!

Two people receiving a Thai massage
Thai massage is often conducted in rooms alongside other recipients. Image CC 3.0

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