Yoga classes in Dumfries

River and stone bridge

When I moved to Dumfries (Scotland) I spent a wee while looking for yoga classes in the town, doing general Internet searches, looking through local directories online, searching Facebook, looking for posters in the town etc, and cross referencing to make sure the info was correct. Having put together a list I then started going to some of the classes I could get to, to meet the other teachers and see what yoga was currently available and what I could offer if there were gaps.

Having done a bit of work on it I thought I might as well share the list as other people may be looking for yoga in Dumfries and if all the info is in one place it’s a lot easier for people to find out about what’s on.

To see the list, click on ‘Other Yoga Classes‘ under the Yoga Classes tab. If I’ve found them all there’s currently 21 yoga classes in Dumfries. Nae bad, but Aberystwyth, a town with half the population of Dumfries had over 30 classes by the summer I left, so there’s definitely scope for more in Dumfries! I plan to offer some classes in 2019.

River and stone bridge
River Nith in Dumfries

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