What’s a personal yoga class?

Room with yoga mat

A personal yoga session or 1-to-1 is an individual yoga class which is tailored to your needs and can bring you many benefits. These include:

  • the whole class is tailored to your specific requirements e.g. to improve flexibility and mobility, reduce stress, improve strength etc
  • full attention of the tutor and time to ask questions
  • can be adapted to suit your specific needs on that day e.g. physical, emotional, mental
  • can focus on things that will benefit you the most
  • time and day of the class fits in with your schedule

With lots of yoga classes available in Dumfries, why would you book an individual lesson which costs more than a group class? There are many reasons to book a 1-to-1 yoga class, with the main ones often being that local class times might not suit your schedule or you may have an irregular work/caring routine and can’t commit to a set time every week; you may be new to yoga and unsure about joining a general class; you want to work at your own pace on things appropriate for your needs; or you may just fancy a treat! Although 1-to-1 personal classes are often geared towards beginners, they are also ideal for the more advanced student who wants to work on more challenging postures or go deeper into their practice and which might not be possible in a group setting.

Room with yoga mat

Despite the name, personal or private yoga classes are also suitable for couples or two/three friends to experience together. Modifications and adaptations can be given so that the session is still tailored to your needs.

The type of people who might book a private yoga lesson include:

  • busy people who can’t get to a class easily
  • workers/carers with irregular shift patterns
  • new mum who wants to return to yoga (after 12 weeks postpartum)
  • someone interested in yoga but doesn’t know where to start
  • someone with a recent or chronic condition e.g. back issues
  • a couple who’d like to practise together
  • 2-3 friends who have roughly the same goals/requirements
  • Someone who prefers practising on their own but wants some motivation, guidance and assistance.

As you can see, it’s a broad list and there are many other people who may wish to book a class.

You might book one session as a taster and then decide to join a yoga class. Or you may decide to book a block of personal sessions so that you can progress and improve over time.

If you’re in the Dumfries area and interested in a personal yoga class, pop over to my page about the different 1-to-1 classes I offer and contact me to discuss your requirements.


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