The dragons return to Dumfries: AcroYoga 2

Two people balancing on each other

Yoga of Dragons (aka Sam and Bongo from Wales) will be returning to Dumfries to deliver their second Scottish AcroYoga workshop – Saturday 27th April 2019. If you are in the area and have either never tried AcroYoga or have tried it and want to do more, this workshop is for you! The session will be structured to enable those new to acro to feel safe flying and basing, and those who have done it before will improve their skills and learn new things.

Two people balancing on each other

The dragons are also going to Glasgow in the same weekend to deliver their first workshop in the city – so if that is a nearer location for you, you’re in luck! Full details about both workshops are on the Yoga of Dragons website or their Facebook event page for Dumfries or Glasgow. Booking essential for both workshops.

If you’re thinking “acro what?”, don’t panic! AcroYoga is a combination of acrobatics, yoga, and therapeutic practices such as Thai yoga massage. It’s practiced in pairs or small groups, and you can do static held balances or healing hang-outs, or transition through moving sequences. It brings great awareness of your own body, as well as developing trust and a sense of playfulness through the support (literal and physical) of others.

Click here for a video they did for a competition – don’t worry, the workshops will not be as complicated as this!

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