Pause and reflect at the solstice

Sun and tree, in cartoon drawing

It’s the summer solstice here in Scotland, and being almost half way through the year seems like a good time to review how the year is going.

Sun and tree, in cartoon drawing
Image Creative Commons free from Pixabay

Do you set new year goals or resolutions? It might be a matter of semantics but some years ago I stopped setting new year resolutions and decided to create goals for the year instead. Previously I’d have a long list of things to do, often things I should do more of or less of, but I rarely had a plan as to how to achieve them.

Many people have the resolution to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get fit’, but by mid way through January they are still overeating or eating the wrong things and not exercising. (This is partly due to the UK being cold and dark in January and you want to eat lots and stay in!) So by February the resolutions are quietly abandoned and we carry on the same as ever.

I’ve found that by having a small manageable list of goals, even if I haven’t started working towards them in February, or March, there’s still plenty of time to make a plan to work towards achieving them by the end of December. I also try to avoid making vague or nebulous goals e.g. ‘stop procrastinating’ and instead create something more specific e.g. ‘run X miles in the year’.

So… how am I doing this year? Well, in 2018 I had two goals: run 200 miles, and move to Scotland. I achieved both of them, hurray! This year, I have set four goals: a running mileage total and a time challenge for a specific route; to have some cycling day trips, and to create and share a pranayama and/or meditation audio track.

This mid-year pause shows that I’ve work to do to achieve all of these by the end of the year! But, there’s plenty of time still, and I can make sure that I do things that move me closer to achieving them in the next six months.

Notepad with list and person's hand, writing the list
Photo Creative Commons 0 from Unsplash

If you set yourself goals or resolutions how are you doing? Do you need to change a few things? It’s not too late. If you don’t generally set new year resolutions, would a goal to achieve for the year be more meaningful? Especially if we get stuck in ruts, having something to work towards can give us direction and meaning.

Whether you are having a summer solstice (northern hemisphere) or the winter solstice (southern hemisphere), take a few moments today to pause and reflect on how the year has been so far for you, and what you might yet achieve in the second half of the year.

Notepads and flowers on table
Photo Creative Commons free from Pixabay

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