Free mindfulness of breath tracks


I’ve uploaded my second mindfulness of breath track for you to listen to for free, to help bring feelings of calm, relaxation and quietness to the mind and body. There’s now a 1 minute track and a 3 minute track. Listen to them whenever you want*, maybe before going to bed, or if you wake in the night and feel agitated by all the thoughts whizzing round the mind (and they’re always more negative and stressful at 2am than at 10am for some reason!), or when you wake up as a brief moment of focus before the day starts.

1 minute mindful focus


3 minutes mindfulness of breath

Let me know what you think as I’ll be recording some more in the coming months.

These are also available on my meditation page and a link on the ‘Free stuff‘ page

*But not if you’re driving or operating machinery!


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