Sharing kindness meditations

Poster about the event

Recently I shared two kindness meditations during a wellbeing day, and have uploaded one of them as an audio track for you to enjoy.

Poster about the event

It was a real pleasure to contribute towards the successful ‘Sharing the Love’ day which a fellow yoga teacher Jill organised in November here in Dumfries, and which was a fundraiser for a local charity supporting refugees here and abroad (MOOL). The wellbeing day featured a programme of activities such as yoga, nia dance, qigong and biondanza, along with a creative workshop on mandalas, Indian head massages, and hand massages.

I offered a meditation session on love and compassion to match the theme of the day and delivered it twice. I also gave 10 minute hand massages. The day was a great success with over £1000 raised, with lots of raffle prizes donated by local therapists, businesses and individuals.

If you’re interested in the meditation, here’s what we practised:

A short 5 minute ‘smile’ meditation. This was to ease us into the meditation session and to introduce people to meditation if they hadn’t done any before. It also, literally, puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good. I have recorded a 5 minute version of this which you can listen to on Soundcloud for free.

The metta bhavna (loving kindness) meditation. This guided meditation walks us through five stages of sending different people/living beings good wishes and loving kindness. Although it can bring up strong emotions, no one needed the tissues on the day! I have previously blogged about this meditation and on that post there are links to audio versions of it you can listen to and the reasons why it’s a beneficial meditation to practice.

Stall with flipboard
My stall for the hand massages
Newspaper cutting
Full page spread in the local paper

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