Relieving lower back discomfort

Cat doing cat posture

It’s very common to experience short bouts of lower back pain or discomfort. Often it might feel like a dull ache, not too painful really, but noticeable when you do certain things like getting up out of a chair. In many cases temporary discomfort may be from lack of movement and too much sitting, and if you keep relatively mobile it should go away in a few days or so.

At this time of year (winter, Christmas), we can find ourselves sitting down longer as we may be at home rather than in work, or travelling more to see friends and family spending hours on trains or in cars, and we may also not be doing as much of our usual exercises due to the weather or because of being out of routine.

If any of the above sounds familiar, you may want to try my two minute video on easing lower back discomfort. There are three movements, all of which can be done indoors in loose comfortable clothes.

The video features a slow rocking in all fours position on hand and knees (use a cushion or blanket under your knees if you like); ‘knee walking’ which you do from lying on your back; and the ‘foot press’ from the same position. I find these last two the most effective for me if I’ve spent too long on trains or several days without much movement. I find if I do them for a couple of minutes for a couple of days then the discomfort goes away.

Obviously if you have longer term lower back issues or severe pain, do check with a medical professional if these would be suitable for you, especially if you’ve been told not to do certain things. The exercises in this video work best for short-term temporary discomfort or dull aches.

If you’ve enjoyed this video and if it’s been useful to you let me know! Also check out my other videos in YouTube.

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