Why it’s good to step out of our comfort zone

Image of two people doing acro yoga

In my previous post about resilience I explained why it’s important that we keep doing the things that we enjoy and make us feel good, whether that’s five minutes of meditation or a 50 minute walk every day.

Alyson in reverse shoulder stand
Me balancing on Steve/Bongo

Doing things we’re familiar and comfortable with is helpful as it keeps us calm, emotionally balanced and hopefully free from stress, anxiety and worry. But it’s also good to challenge ourselves every so often by doing things out of our comfort zone. This encourages us to grow, transform and feel more confident in what we can achieve.

If we always stay in our safe space we risk missing out on new experiences and are subtly holding ourselves back. In addition, a lot of stress and anxiety is based on fear, so if we can face some fears and overcome them, it gives us a boost and makes us more confident. Plus, depending on what you do, you may learn new skills which is good for our brain’s development.

One thing which challenges my comfort zone is acro yoga. I’m upside down, balancing on someone else’s hand or foot, or spinning round and back again. But it also creates a great sense of achievement, joyfulness and excitement – doing something which looks crazy and complicated but which you can do is a brilliant feeling.


If you’re near Dumfries and fancy giving acro yoga a go, you’re in luck as there’s a one-off workshop on Saturday 4th April, 2-5.30pm – step out of your comfort zone and fly! Find out more: Facebook Event or the Yoga of Dragons website.

Image of two people doing acro yoga



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