Free online yoga videos

Cat sitting on yoga mat

For a number of reasons (house confinement, high stress levels, social distancing etc) there’s suddenly very few actual yoga classes running in the UK, and much of the rest of the world right now. And there’s a big interest in online yoga classes.

I’ve pulled together some of the resources I can recommend, but there are literally 100s, 1000s of yoga teachers out there creating yoga classes – some free, some paid for.

Several yoga teachers I know are switching to online yoga classes, some using Zoom or Facebook Live, so if you normally go to a teacher where you live, contact them to see if they are doing that. And/or try some different teachers and approaches.

Do Yoga With Me – 100s of free online classes for different levels, different lengths of time etc. (They do a subscriber package which is $10 a month for more stuff.)

Yoga with Adriene – one of the biggest (the biggest?) on YouTube with 6.29 million subscribers, she has lots of videos and playlists. You can search for ones for beginners etc and she also has a 30 day yoga introduction series.

Yoga Journal – a range of short clips and longer sessions, includes playlists on particular topics. Quite a few on the essentials and learning specific poses.

Ekhart Yoga – one of the biggest in Europe and a big range of videos and different teachers, different topics etc free in  YouTube. More available via their website if you subscribe.

For a quality subscription service, try Movement for Modern Life – lots of different teachers, levels, styles, lengths of classes etc. There is a free two week trial, then payment – I think it’s around £15 a month (only visible once you sign up).

There are also a lot of yoga apps available – some free, some paid for, but I do not have experience of them so can’t recommend any specific ones.

NB As I’m only able to speak English (and now-rusty Welsh) I have not been able to recommend any in other languages, apologies.

NB If you share your space with non-human animals, be prepared for them to join in with the yoga!

Cat sitting on yoga mat
This happens quite often in my house, she loves to join in. I’m sure it’s the calming vibes.

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