Learn how to breathe more slowly with my new audio tracks

I’ve had a bit more time recently to create some new resources that can help improve your health and wellbeing. I’ve created a new page on pranayama, what it is (breathing!) and why learning long, slow and deep breathing practices can be beneficial. I’ve also recorded and uploaded some free audio tracks talking you through some of these beneficial practices – these are available directly in that page or on Soundcloud.

I made this live last night (Sat) and this morning (Sunday),quite by coincidence (or the fact that everything we do online is picked up by someone somewhere…), I came across this recent BBC article which explains in more detail why learning to breathe more slowly and deeply is important for our health, with additional links to more indepth articles, so I’ve added that to the page as well.

Take a look at my new breathing page and let me know how you get on with practising the breathing techniques. (I’ll be adding a couple more in the next few weeks.)

Also look out for some new live online breathing and meditation sessions I’m going to be starting shortly (in early April 2020).

Image from Pixabay

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