What is meditation?

Cherry blossom and blue sky

Occasionally when I’m talking to people the topic of meditation will crop up. Meditation and mindfulness are large topics and so I thought I’d try to break them down into manageable bits. If you want to explore more there are lots of resources I can point you to.

What is meditation?

I’ve started off with a biggie! I try to set out what I think meditation is (and isn’t), and also my personal journey with meditation thus far. Watch the video to hear my thoughts on this.

Top tips to start a daily meditation practice

As I explain in the video (at c.6’25), my suggestions for what works for me include:

  • set aside the time in the morning for meditation, or, the best time for you
  • start off with a realistic time e.g. 3 minutes, and build from there once the habit is established
  • experiment with different types of meditation – I introduce different ones in my classes, and there are some of my free audio recordings you can listen to here
  • record your progress (days, or times, or feelings etc) in a journal, online, with an app etc
  • accept that some days will feel ‘good’ and some days the meditation will feel ‘less good’. Although labels like these aren’t really helpful, the heart of it is that sometimes your are more distracted than on other days and that is absolutely fine. The discipline of sitting and observing is more important.

Let me know what you’ve found helpful, and if there’s other areas I could cover in discussion.

Cherry blossom and blue sky


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