Yoga classes go online

Room with yoga mat and blocks

In my excitement at moving my yoga classes online and setting up some new classes, I forgot to blog about it and let people know! My new class timetable is on the home page.

It’s been a steep learning curve with various bits of tech etc, as well as considering things like colours of clothing and being visible! It’s a work in progress. The yoga community across the world has felt in much closer contact, and I’ve taken part in various webinars hosted by different organisations, all designed to help yoga teachers transition from in-person classes to being online, and am in various international Facebook groups of yoga teachers sharing and supporting each other. It good to see the yoga community coming together at this time.

Not everyone will enjoy taking part in an online yoga session from home though, and as a participant, it can be hard to concentrate and stay focused. In-person classes tend to encourage a group feel, and group energy to keep everyone going. Also, depending on where your mat is you may be distracted by views outside the window, others in the household, or enticing smells coming from the kitchen!

My home yoga space

Many of us will be familiar with professional well-produced yoga videos, as per the links I shared in a previous post, from teachers who have been recording online for many years. In this new era though, there seems to be a more flexible (pun intended) approach, so that minor hiccups in a live session add to the down to earth feel and help you connect with the teacher. This is the same as online work meetings which are more informal, possibly with interruptions from small children and furry animals!

Online yoga – a new future?

At a time when there are reported increases in stress, anxiety, worry and depression, the availability of online yoga classes is one of the positive things to have come from our massively changed world. For me personally, it’s been lovely to reconnect with former yoga students where I used to live, as well as friends and family who can take my classes for the first time. And the opportunity to take classes with other local and more distant teachers. As there is so much uncertainty about the future, and we don’t know if or when in-person classes can return, online classes have become the new norm, and for some may become part of a hybrid approach to yoga classes.

Have you taken any online yoga classes? What you do you like and dislike about them?


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