In-person yoga classes return to Dumfries

Advert for yoga class with female seated in lotus position

I’m really pleased to say that I have been able to restart in-person yoga classes once again in Dumfries.

After a six month pause (because of Covid-19), I restarted my intermediate yoga class last week, and had an enthusiastic group of appropriately-distanced participants.

Although I have been teaching online during the last six months, there is something very different about teaching in the same room as others – you can judge the energy of the class, there’s a group feeling about a shared experience, and I tend to say slightly less random waffle!

There used to be about 30 yoga classes for adults in Dumfries (BC – before Covid-19), and several of these have transitioned to online. In Scotland, in person classes could start in September, and several previous participants were keen to restart. Although I was slightly nervous and found the list of requirements slightly daunting, once I visited the venue and saw all the procedures in place it became much more realistic.

Advert for yoga class with female seated in lotus position

I’ve now set up a second class – a new one called ‘Weekend wind-down yoga’ which will be on Fridays from 5.30-6.30pm. As the name suggests, it’ll be an ideal way to wind-down from the working week (if you work a regular Mon-Fri job), and to ease your way into the weekend.

If you are near Dumfries, do take a look and consider coming along.

If you’re not near Dumfries, and I know many blog followers are not, then maybe look and see if yoga classes have started up where you live. I’m sure the teachers will be grateful for your presence! Plus, as we head into autumn and winter (in the Northern hemisphere), it’s important that we look after our physical and mental health. I’m keeping my online classes going as well, so everyone is catered for.

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