Clear water meditation track

Glass of water with blue liquid swirling in it

Recently I recorded a new 11 minutes guided meditation audio track which you can access here for free.

The clear water meditation track seems to resonate with some people as a useful way of approaching mindfulness, clarity, meditation, and accepting that sometimes the mind is cloudy, sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it’s both.

This is a guided visualisation meditation where you start picturing a cloudy jug of water which is spread throughout with soil particles (or any coloured liquid).

Perhaps it’s just been stirred up. When the stirring stop, gradually the soil particles settle to the bottom to leave clear water on the top.

Glass of water with blue liquid swirling in it
(Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay)

This can be similar to what happens in our mind when we meditate. It might start off cloudy, full, lots of thoughts whirling around, and then gradually as we breathe and focus it begins to settle so there’s short moments of clarity or stillness between the thoughts.

A little bit of clear water may appear at the top.

You can listen to my new 11 minute track online or click on the link below.

Let me know if you enjoyed this meditation track.

There are more free guided meditation tracks on my meditation page.

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